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    Global Chat Guidelines
    The following rules apply to all of MeleeCraft's server chats.
    Violation of these guidelines will result in a warning, mute or even a ban, if necessary.

    If you violate a rule more than four times within 24 hours, you may receive a 3-day ban.

    A punishment under a 3-day ban lasts 24 hours before violations reset.
    Punishments that are 3-day bans or above last for 7 days, and the 5th violation is a 14-day ban.


    Spamming Chat - Warning → 15m Mute → 45m Mute → 2hr Mute
    Saying a repetitive amount of statements (4 or more statements in a row within 10 seconds).

    - [Manager] Tectoxic: Oh,
    - [Manager] Tectoxic: Hello!
    - [Manager] Tectoxic: There!
    - [Manager] Tectoxic: Hi!

    Flooding Chat - Warning → 15m Mute → 45m Mute → 2hr Mute
    Saying a repetitive amount of characters (specifically 10+) in a sequence or in a row.

    - [Manager] gkidedabeast: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    - [Manager] gkidedabeast: ababababababbabaaba

    Bypassing the Filter - 15m Mute → 30m Mute → 2hr Mute → 12hr Mute
    Using other characters to say an automatically filtered word.

    - [Manager] gkidedabeast: A*$ (Means A*S)
    (If you censor the word, it is not bypassing.)

    Discriminatory, Vulgar or Racist Statements - 45m Mute → 8hr Mute → 3d Mute
    Saying a word or phrase that may upset, disturb or offend another player.

    - [Manager] gkidedabeast: n1**3r
    (If you censor the word, it is not bypassing.)

    Light Server Advertisement - 30m Mute → 3hr Mute → 1d Ban
    Saying the name of an unrelated or unaffiliated server.

    - [Manager] Tectoxic: hy****l
    (If you censor the word, it is not punishable.)

    Server IP Advertisement - Permanent Ban (Appealable » 14 days) → Permanent Ban
    Stating the entire IP of an unrelated or unaffiliated server.

    - [Manager] Tectoxic: mc.totallyfake.server! jOiN nOw!

    Unrelated/Social Media Advertisement -
    1hr Mute → 8hr Mute → 1d Mute
    Advertising your own personal social media or saying a non-MeleeCraft link in chat.

    - [Manager] Tectoxic:

    Toxicity and "Flame-Wars" - 1hr Mute → 12h Ban → 3d Ban
    A generic flame-war will result in starter and those who continue it receiving punishments. (Those on the side will not be punished.) Toxicity and Flame-Wars in it's generic form will have punishments above, however, at a staff member's discretion, they can increase your punishment if they see fit. As such, it is up to a Senior Moderator or above to suggest the punishment or deal with it themselves.

    e.g. not specified.

    Impersonation of Staff - (Removal of Nick and) Warning → 1hr Mute → 8hr Mute → 1d Ban
    Saying something that may impersonate a staff member or changing your nickname to that of a staff member.

    - [Manager] kahlilnc1: (real name is Tectoxic).


    Developers can issue a punishment if they believe you have disturbed their work.
    Lying to an Owner can also result in a punishment.

    Staff members above Senior Moderator can mute you for Nuisance if you are being a disturbance during a crisis or any other problem that requires their attention.

    Toxicity on Factions is allowed to an extent, however, extensive Toxicity will be punishable at the discretion of a Senior Moderator.

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