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  1. Snaype

    Survival Obsidian SMP S1 - Rules

    Claiming Warning → 3-day ban Claiming main end island is not allowed. Farming 3-day ban No 0-tick farms will be tolerated. If any type of these farms are found, the person who built it will be held responsible. Auto farms are allowed as long as they are above 0-tick. Toxicity 2 hour mute →...
  2. Snaype

    Survival MeleeCraft - Obsidian SMP Season 1

    Greetings Warriors! Realm Manager: Devine__ Yet another Realm has fallen to the Asteroid King... Even after countless battles, our foe has still managed to conquer the Obsidian Realm. While almost all hope is lost, there is still one last chance to return it back to it's Golden Age when...
  3. Snaype

    Important Staff Application FAQ

    Helper Applications — Frequently Asked Questions This thread was made with the intent of answering your burning questions and inquiries about applications without having to target an applications team member about it. This thread does provide some important information about applications...