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Important [BETA PERIOD] Sign up now!


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For those who are not part of our discord one of the requirements is to make a discord and join the main discord server. Link will be provided down below.

The thread will be locked after 24 hours. If someone didn't have the chance to sign up during the 24 hours period well... I'm sorry.

- You'll be invited to a separate discord server that's going to be only for the staff members and ( you ) the beta testers. In this discord server each one of you will be able to tell us about bugs and plugins that can be abused.
Take a look on the other requirements to see how to sign up for the beta testing period and also the rewards at the end.

* Administrators+ are able to give a feedback on each of the people who're applying. Applying for the beta testing period does not mean that each one of you will be accepted. The rank groups mention above have the final word.

How to sign up for the beta testing period?
Fill the small form provided below and wait for an answer.

1. Your In-Game name:
2. Your discord:
3. What does beta testing mean to you?:

4. How many hours can you spend a day for testing?:

*There's no requirements on the age, so feel free to write down your real age.

Are there rewards for being a beta tester?
The answer to this questions is yes, there's going to be a couple rewards that you'll get after the official launch.

You'll get a [BETA] tag.
You'll get a special kit ( one time ).
You'll be invited to a special discord server.
You'll be remembered as one very helpful person in the history of MeleeCraft.

You might be invited to a future beta testing period.

The realm and mode you're signing up: SMP - Obsidian
SMP - Obsidian Minecraft version: 1.15.2 ( ONLY )

The BETA Testing period will start in a couple days. Each one of the accepted players will be notified!

Discord Server:
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1) Minecraft username: TheJoker2124
2) Discord Username: TheJoker2124#8493
3) Beta testing means that I get to try out what has been done already and provide constructive criticism so I can help work with the mods/staff to help improve or fix some things with the server
4) Sunday-Thursday: 2:30pm-8:30pm EST Friday&Saturday: Whenever I wake up to whenever I go to sleep


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1. Your In-Game name: Zaccccy
2. Your discord: Zaccy#0001
3. What does beta testing mean to you?:
It means that I have special access to a pre launch version of the server, meaning I should provide constructive criticism for the staff members to help improve the server.
4. How many hours can you spend a day for testing?: 4 - 12 hours.


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1. MY In-Game name: Thetrickster0128
2. My discord:Thetrickster0128#2839
3. What does beta testing mean to me: It means that I can test out a new server, while also being able to provide feedback on how to improve the game.
4. How many hours can I spend a day for testing?: Sunday-thursday: between 3-8pm(eastern time), depending on what my schedule is like, and friday-saturday: 12pm-12am(eastern time)
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1: SmolEspadaNel
2: Maki Roll#0666
3: To beta test is to pretty much proof read, but for games. It allows other people to make sure the stuff is working fine, since the ones who made the things tend to ignore their own faults.
4: Id say i can spend about 7-8 a day testing, unless im at work of course. Sometimes longer to test because i get home sooner on some days.


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1. Your In-Game name: JerryEgg
2. Your discord: Deducts#1374
3. What does beta testing mean to you?:It mean that I can help with the future of MeleeCraft I have enquired about development but still am yet to get a designated date to voice chat. It means other people will be extremely happy with the outcome of the server.
4. How many hours can you spend a day for testing?:
Depends. GCSE's are starting but get around 4-8hours a day depending.
1. SupportOfStrings
2. That Emo Kid™#3615
3. What does beta testing mean to you?: Getting to assist in development of something and making sure every aspect works from a staff and player perspective.
4. How many hours can you spend a day for testing?: 5 hours