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Important Information about suggestions! [ READ ]

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Before everyone of you click on the "post thread" button to make a suggestion please read the information given bellow.

Make sure to add the server and the realm in your suggestions!
For example: Server: SMP / Realm: Obsidian

There's a couple rules that you need to follow.
1. Have a look on "Archived Suggestions" and "Denied Suggestions" to see if someone else made a similar thread to yours.
1.1 You can use the search button or "CTRL + F" to see if there's a thread related to yours.
2. Don't make random suggestions. First think is it going to be usefull and with what.
3. Don't tag any of the staff members. Each staff member will have the change to see the thread by themself.
4. Don't post anything racist or offensive which also means to not swear!

If you're suggesting a plugin, please give us a good information about the plugin you're suggesting, with what the plugin will help and if there's anything that's important to know about. You can follow the same thing not only for a plugin but for everything else.

The rules and the requirements can be changed anytime in the feature, so keep an eye each time before posting a new suggestion.
Suggestions that break the rules or doesn't follow the requirements/rules are going to be denied.

A quick example of a suggestion:
Server: SMP
Realm: Obsidian
Suggestion 1: Day/Night plugin.
Information about the plugin: ( Players can use a sign to set day or night and it also can be made to cost money or items ).
Will help with: This will give the players two options be cause most of the people don't like to play at night.
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