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Survival MeleeCraft - Obsidian SMP Season 1


New member
Greetings Warriors!

Realm Manager: Devine__

Yet another Realm has fallen to the
Asteroid King... Even after countless
battles, our foe has still managed to conquer the Obsidian Realm.

While almost all hope is lost, there is still one last chance to return it back to
it's Golden Age when it was under the rule of our
Golden Emperor.
The Warrior Clan has been working hard to help the Obsidian Realm return to its former glory.
However, they need more soldiers, and they need them to Survive! To help the Warrior
Clan, all you must do is log on to the Minecraft version 1.15.2 and do /obsidian. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Release Time

This Realm will be releasing on Saturday 21st March at 7 PM
. You can see the countdown here:
Obsidian will be a 4-6 month season with nether resetting every 2 months.

Obsidian Realm [Global]:

Obsidian Realm is MeleeCraft’s first SMP (Survival Multiplayer) Realm.
Join us in Surviving this hard Realm and enjoy some awesome features, such as:
Enchanted Lake Fishing (coming soon), Modified Events, Quests and more!

Other Obsidian Realm features include:

Custom Currency - A brand new currency involving villagers, custom mob drops and more!
Custom Claiming - A new way to protect your builds.
Custom World Generation - A brand new, exciting world with many more biomes!

And much more… to come!

Additional Information:

General Overview

Obsidian Survival Multiplayer (abbreviated/shortened “SMP”) is the 1.15.2
Spigot-based server intended for less competitive players. The game mode
does not currently feature specific rewards or ranks, and is meant as a challenge
for individuals to either kill or cooperate with each other however they will
be introduced soon. Being competitive is up to you! Most importantly, have fun!

Custom Currency

This season we have a brand new, unseen medieval currency system
using physical items you can gain from mob drops. These are:

Gold (1,000)
Silver (100)
Bronze (10)

The mob drop rates can be found in the document by clicking


Claimed Region

Limitations in this region include: (A) the disallowance of: (i) modification
of the area by non-co-operatives (players who are not part of the team that
owns the land); (ii) usage of explosive items or entities directly or indirectly
caused by non-co-operatives; and (B) the allowance of: (i) player-versus-player
or player-versus-entity interactions (i.e. damage from other players or entities)

Claimable Region

Limitations in this region include: (A) the disallowance of: (i) modification of
the unclaimed terrain (including placement or breakage of blocks, but do not
include mob spawning); (ii) damage from explosive items or entities (i.e. creepers;
TNT); and (B) the allowance of: (i) interaction with entities and items; and (ii)
player-versus-player or player-versus-entity interactions
(i.e. damage from other players or entities).

Player Settings

Players are allowed to claim land from the claimable regions available in the
world. Approximately 6 chunks outside the border of the spawn perimeter are
dedicated to spawn protection; the rest is claimable by players. Players spawn in
for a brief “training” solution allowing them to become knowledgeable of
the mechanics upon their first join into the Obsidian realm.

Players are limited from their cosmetic abilities in regards to ranks (i.e.
members of a higher rank do not receive benefits that can allow them to have an
advantage over others; future ranks will likely have purely cosmetic purposes),
however, there are specific valuables acquirable on the store that can boost
one’s progress, but do not specifically give the user
advantages over others.

Note: Staff who are underneath the Administrator rank (i.e. Helpers, Moderators
and Sr. Moderators) are allowed to play the game. Realm Managers and above are
disallowed from participating in the game’s activities due to their extensive permissions
that can be used advantageously, giving themselves a benefit
over you, the player.