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Important Staff Application FAQ

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Helper Applications — Frequently Asked Questions

This thread was made with the intent of answering your burning questions and inquiries about applications without having to target an applications team member about it. This thread does provide some important information about applications however does not include tips on how to improve your application.

If your question is not listed here or you think we haven't answered enough, contact an Applications Team member. The team leader currently is LustWrld (Snaype is incharge of the overall staff team). However, you may notice other staff reply to your applications. Your application can be denied by a Sr.Mod+ and accepted by an Admin+.

Are there requirements to become a staff member?


To become a staff member at MeleeCraft, you must:
  • be over the age of 13 (some exceptions, very rare though);
  • have a functional, adequate microphone;
  • not be a staff member on any other server;
  • have no moderate to severe punishments within the last 30 days; and
  • have a verified Discord account with two-step authentication.

If you do not meet the requirements, you may be subject to an immediate denial (where your application is locked and not replied to) by a Sr.Mod+.

What does a helper do?

A helper is our front line of assistance and support and are tasked with helping and assisting encountered players on the network; they are mainly for explaining the mechanics and how to play, however, secondarily, they can act as minor enforcers where necessary. Commonly, they are mistaken for moderators. This is not the case. They do not specifically deal with moderation.

Can I apply for moderator or a higher role?

We usually do not accept applications or requests for higher roles. Most staff members begin as Helpers and are then selected to become Moderators later on after the realm and network management agree that the individual in question has sufficient experience and maturity (among other factors) to receive a promotion here at MeleeCraft.

Select retired staff members may return as higher roles later on.

Where do I submit my application and how?

It's as easy as 1, 2, oh wait... all you have to do is push a button.
It's that simple: in the Staff Applications Forum, left-click the button that says \"Apply.\"

Although just submitting your application is easy enough, we still recommend reading our tips and guidelines for becoming a staff member at MeleeCraft.

Where do I apply for YouTuber?

This thread provides more information on how to submit a YouTuber application; the requirements and whatnot. Applications for YouTuber in this thread will not be accepted. This forum is solely for Helper Applications.

I've submitted my application. How long does it take for a response?

Generically, we try to respond to applications within 2-5 days, however, applications under consideration can take as long as 7 days to receive a response. If you do not receive a response 24 hours after that, you are allowed to start a conversation with an Applications Team member to get a response as soon as possible.

If your application is accepted, an Admin+ will contact you through Discord about your application and archive the thread in the Accepted Applications thread. If it is denied, an Applications Team member will send their critical feedback in the thread and archive the thread in the Denied Applications thread.

Note: If you are denied, you will not be authorized to submit another application for 14 days after the reply. In most cases, the team member who denies your application will give you the date you will be granted permission to create another application again.

I just joined the server. Can I apply?

Although it isn't a requirement, we still expect you to acquaint yourself with the community in order to gain a good reputation with our community and allow you to become accustomed to our game mechanics and get a sense of how everything works so you can effectively help anyone who needs it, in one way or another. If you do not do this, your application may have a limited chance of success.

We suggest around 30 days of playing the game before you attempt an application.

I've never been staff anywhere. Can I apply?

Of course you can, but we will more likely shortlist those with actual experience and prioritize their applications more than that of one without any experience at all. Even an ounce of experience, in-game or in real life, such as having a job or being a class leader, can affect your application positively.

This doesn't mean that you will definitely be denied the position or that you can't apply because of a lack of experience, but this does mean you do have a lowered chance. Therefore, we would suggest, if you definitively have no experience of any kind, try out a leadership role somewhere. It will help you out a lot.

Does a helper get paid in any way?

Being a helper is a voluntary role. You will not get paid.
You can choose to apply, as equally as you can choose to leave.

Note: Some of our management and development are paid for their services to the network.

I was punished before. Does this affect my application?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: kind of.

Yes, your reputation and history will have an impact on your application. It is your job to maintain a good influence and impact on other players, especially before you request to be placed in a position of authority and power. If you have a negative reputation among the community and are accepted, it may make it harder for you to do your job effectively in comparison to one with a good reputation.

Of course, punishments and violations of our rules are definitely going to have a say in whether you are accepted or denied. We do check for infractions of our rules and we don't instantly deny applicants for doing this, granted they can own up and accept responsibility for their action.

Do I have to use the forums?

You do not have to utilize the forums, but it is highly recommended you know how it works. You may attract to different parts of the server; it is solely your choice if you want to use the forums or stick to in-game.

Does it matter how many applications I've made?

You are free to make as many as you like, once you follow our requirements and do not apply within the last 14 days of denial, however, if you are continuously being denied the position, you should try to evaluate the criticism and (after the 14 days) create a unique application which describes your passions, strengths and weaknesses, your personality, and your capability of taking on the role you're applying for.

We aren't looking for a picture-perfect application or genius, over-experienced individuals (although it might help depending on how you go about with it). What we look for is honest, generally nice individuals who are willing to help out in the community.

Can I still play Skyblock and Factions as a helper?

Yes. The most important part for us on the team is ensuring that you do not overwork yourself and keep yourself interested in the game and motivated. We will never stop you from playing Factions or Skyblock unless you accept the roles where it is no longer sensible to play it as usual.

Note: Factions specifically require that you stop playing at the Sr. Moderator role (if you accept it) in order to accommodate your permissions, and Skyblock requires the same for Administrator.

What personal information do I have to share?

Really, none... we aren't going to force you to say anything you don't want to, but we just don't want you to be dishonest or untrustworthy by doing that.

We don't need your full name, personal e-mail address, phone number, address or region, etc (if a staff member asks you for this, report it to an owner immediately). You just need to tell us the experiences you've had and why they will make you a better person (and maybe helper) in the long run and maybe the short one too.

My question isn't listed here, what to do?

If you have further questions not listed in this thread, we'd recommend contacting an Applications Team member via conversation or talking to them through Discord, both options preferably privately.

You can create an application here.
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